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Open Studio Memberships

Wednesday evenings (5:00 pm - 8:00 pm)

Instructors; Jim Lee and Shannon Wilburg.  One-on-one private lessons are available.  See "Private Instruction" tab.  

Open Studio is generally uninstructed.


Memberships:  $100.00 per month (paid in advance) + firing fees if applicable


Memberships include:

  • Time to work on or complete projects or advance your skills, style and creativity.

  • Access to tools, armatures and sculpting stands *.

* Students are ones who have attended one or more of the JCLee Studios Workshops. Others are required to have their own tools.

If a non-Open Studio member would like to use the studio during Open Studio the cost is $25 (minimum) for the first two hours and $10 each hour thereafter.  

Open Studio members are welcome to use my tools, “used” armatures and “older” clay for studio use. If you would like to purchase new bags of clay, tools or sculpting stands, please see below;

  • Laguna EM-210 Clay is the only clay permitted in the studio - Alpha Fired Arts in Sacramento or JCLee Studios $25 per 25 lb. bags.  

  • $15 Bisque firing fee (if needed for each sculpture)

  • Armatures - $18.00 + shipping or JCLee Studios $22.00.

  • Eye and Wooden tools - $12.00 each + shipping or JCLee Studios for $16.00 each.

  • Sculpting Stands: - PCF Studios for $125 + shipping.

  • Kemper wire tools and rakes, calipers, scrapers, etc. - Alpha Fired Arts

  • Proportional Calipers - for $90 + shipping

  Shannon & Me - 2016 

This link will generate an email to check availability of space in the open studio times.
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