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Private Instruction by appointment only

Portraiture or figurative sculpture in water base clay.  


One-on-one learning about the facial features (eyes, nose, mouth & ears), anatomy, emotions, gesture, symmetry, finishing techniques and using planes & volumes.


Jim Lee

$85 per hour (2-hour minimum) - paid in advance

Shannon Wilburg

$50 per hour (2-hour minimum) - paid in advance

Plus $20 firing fee is applicable

Private lessons are held at JCLee Studios on selected afternoons or evenings.  Please inquire with which instructor by clicking on the button below and we will get back to you with available dates and times.

Tools and materials included

  • At the time of sign-up, the entire tuition is required of which, fifty percent (50%) is immediately non-refundable.  Two weeks prior to the date of the private lesson, the balance becomes non-refundable.  Of course, if I have to cancel the private lesson for whatever reason, the entire amount is refundable or can be transferred to another available date and time.


Eyes & Ears  *  Nose & Mouth  *  Symmetry of the Face *  Planes of the Face


These two-hour instructed classes that strictly focus on either the symmetry of the face, planes of the face, the Eyes, Ears, Nose or Mouth.  Students will use these lessons to understand and create these features of the face.  This will help develop and advance your skill in sculpting the face.



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