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Urban Arts OC in Newport Beach, CA

Friday evening studio set up for my first Portrait Workshop

My first Portrait workshop with Lynne Kaplan at Urban Arts OC studio in Newport Beach. My (new) eight students were all fun and as always, creative. Lynne's studio is open, bright and full of good energy. Back in three weeks for the Lobotomy (hollow-out). I couldn't have asked for a better host.

After all the workshops I've taught, I still get the most joy watching the looks on their faces when their sculpture comes alive.

Thank you Lynne for your warm hospitality and all of the hard work you put in to make this workshop come together. You have relentless energy!

Urban Arts OC 2018 Sculpting Schedule

March 10th & 11th

Live Model / Full-Figure Workshop

June 30th, July 1st & 21st

Portrait Workshop

August 25th, 26th & September 15th

Portrait Workshop

November 17th & 18th

Live Model / Full-Figure Workshop


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