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How long will it be before we can get muddy socially again? Look at my 2020 calendar for classes and workshops in July through November. In the meantime...

Stay busy. Learn something. Build something.

I cancelled the third class of my three-part March Portrait Workshop and we had to hollow out (lobotomy) my student's sculptures for obvious reasons. I also moved my April Portrait Workshop to May (if were lucky). Since then, I've been very busy doing the things I didn't think I ever had the time or skill to do.

I took more space adjacent to my studio and created "The Downstairs Gallery". This will display my work exclusively.

Let's see a gallery... cleanup, paint the walls, add lighting and of course, pedestals. The cleaning and paint were easy (I hate painting!). The lighting was somewhat problematic as there is only one source of power, but time, wiring and few bucks fixed that. Now, on to the 18 pedestals I needed. My Google search found many different types of pedestals, all were well beyond my budget. So my YouTube search began... I found using Medium-Density Fiberboard (MDF), wood glue and masking tape (yes, no nails) and a table saw, I could build my own for far less money and a lot of "stay home" time. Home Depot became my new hang out (wearing mask & gloves). I bought a DeWalt table saw and several 4'x8' MDF boards. For a modest fee, Home Depot made the major cuts that my saw could not handle. All said and done, the new saw and 18 pedestals were about one third of the cost I would have paid retail and I learned something new. And, I get to keep the saw! What's next?

When this virus is no longer a concern, I'll have my grand opening! Hoping it will be the June 11th Auburn Art Walk... or maybe... the August 13th Auburn Art Walk... or maybe...

Stay busy at home, learn something or build something!

Stay tuned, stay safe to sculpt another day!


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